Mi Gente Crédito DIY

The most advanced and easy to use credit repair software ever created.

Increase your score at all 3 credit bureaus. It doesn’t matter if you have one account or a hundred accounts. Do it yourself easily.

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Increase your score in just a few clicks

Disputa tantas cuentas como necesite en las 3 oficinas al mismo tiempo. Mi Gente Crédito puede administrarlas y rastrearlas fácilmente.

Delete your accounts in the 3 bureaus

The letters created by Mi Gente Crédito DIY are up to 50% more effective than those of a repair company. Delete any account in the 3 agencies:

Receive the results in your email

Every month, Mi Gente Crédito DIY imports your new credit report from 3 bureaus and shows which accounts were deleted and your new credit scores.

Mi Gente Crédito Known

MiGenteCrédito is so smart and easy to use that you might think it's magic. The days of frustration are over.

How does Mi Gente Credit work?

1. Sign up on the platform

Fill in your details and then request your credit report. It will be imported automatically, and will not generate a query in your history.

2. Create your dispute

Once entered, you will see the three credit bureaus with their respective accounts. Select “Create Dispute Letter” to create your dispute.

3. Choose your negative accounts

Select the accounts you want to dispute. It doesn’t matter if you have one or a hundred, you can play them all together.

4. Add dispute reason

Select the accounts you want to dispute. The software will analyze your data and create the charts for you.

5. Print and send

Once you have created your letter, print it out and send it to the bureaus. You can also purchase the printing and shipping service here.

6. Check your results

When the results are ready, they will be sent to your email. The time is about 40 days. There you will find out if you need a second dispute.

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The Mi Gente Crédito DIY software works with the credit report that contains the negative accounts that you can dispute through our free software. Get your credit repair today, optimal results and a healthy credit life.

Choose your plan. Repair it now.


Cancel when you need
$ 49
  • Unlimited card creation
  • Unlimited account disputes
  • Monthly reports of the 3 bureaus
  • identity card insurance
  • Credit monitoring and alerts

Need help?

Click on the following button and a specialist will gladly guide you throughout your process and answer your questions.

Jenny Alcaraz⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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I am extremely grateful for everything you are doing for me and for all the people. God always fill you with blessings and allow you to continue for many years helping others.
Pedro Diffo⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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I pray to the Lord, that it be a great blessing and that they can reach millions of families that are experiencing financial difficulties due to ignorance, with the education they provide and this tool for oneself to take charge of their finances, it comes to be a relief for everyone.
Ender Concho⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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The software seems wonderful to me. It is super easy to create disputes, you do not need to know anything about credit.

Frequent questions

Everyone’s credit is different. Some accounts can be deleted with
your first dispute card. Some accounts may require three to
four rounds of disputes over three or four months. some accounts
will meet accuracy requirements and remain on your report
of credit until they are canceled in seven years.

For those with a good credit history, it is more likely
that removing negative accounts results in a better score
credit. For those with little or no positive credit, it is possible
that deleting negative accounts does not immediately result in a
better credit rating. However, it can make construction easier.
of good credit much faster.

Your Mi Gente Crédito DIY account is free. When you create and submit dispute letters, you only pay for your dispute report.
Credit of 3 bureaus (depending on the plan you choose) and stamps to send your dispute letters.

Mi Gente Credito DIY is automatically linked to your existing or new credit report, compatible with all 3 bureaus. By creating the account, you can purchase your credit report subscription. Upon entering the software, the data will appear imported.

No. Your account does not make an inquiry on your credit report and will not reduce your credit score.
you can buy your credit report subscription. Upon entering the software, the data will appear imported.

You can cancel your online credit report subscription at any
time by logging into your reporting account and choosing the option
to cancel, which can be found in the details section of your
credit report account

Mi Gente Credito DIY adds the correct address of each credit bureau credit to your dispute letters so you can submit them using the US standard mail. Letters are not required to be mailed certificate.